Malma Cuvee Brut

Malma Cuvee Brut

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Malma Cuvee Reserve,Traditional Method
Patagonia Argentina 6/750ml.
70% Pinot Noir - 30% Chardonnay

In Mapuche language,Malma means “pride”.We decided to call this first
generation of Malma wines “Finca La Papay”, in honour of a visionary
woman who, early in the 20th century, chose Patagonia as her promised
land to fulfill her dreams of family and prosperity.

Patagonia Argentina (39º South Latitude - 900 fasl), Neuquén, S.P. del
Chañar, Ruta 7, Picada 15.Vineyards area: 162 ha.Year of Plantation:
2001.Annual Rainfall:197 mm/year.Temperature range: 20°C. Intense
winds.Desert terrain.Drip irrigation is utilized as well as a vertical shoot
position trellis system.

Deep yellow color with golden hues; brimming with aromas of red
berries, exotic citrus and hints of toasted brioche