Amauta, wines to learn from!

This week you can discover via our Latin Wines Online photo collection,  the Amauta range from Bodega El Porvenir de Cafayate in Salta. You will see that the label features a style that is very typical of LatinAmerican cultures of the distant past and that the name of the wine itself has a particular meaning.

The producers from El Porvenir named the wine Amauta in a reference to the indigenous language of  Cafayate in which ‘Amauta ‘ translates as ‘great teacher’, ‘t he wise man’ or ‘ the one who taught how to live.'

“We craft these wines as a true expression of our terroir, believing it takes a humble kind of wisdom to fully understand what nature provides.”

We hope you enjoy these four wines:  Amauta Innovacion, Amauta Reflexion, Amauta Respect and Amauta Inspiration!



The LWO Team

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