New Wines from Chile and Uruguay

During 2019 we did two buying trips. One to Uruguay, and the other one to Chile. The intention was to find and source Premium wines from these two very exciting producing countries.

From Uruguay we moved away from just tannat and shipped not only that, but other single varietals and blends such as dry moscatel, sauvignon blanc, and blends with merlot, which - in our humble opinion - is the star varietal of the region.

We went to Chile with the purpose of exploring new regions and ship premium level wines, moving away from the acclaimed entry level wines that Chile does very well, and entering the world of diversity that has been developed one step above in the price ladder, which we believe is the future. Not only we found what we were after, but we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of these products. Well worth buying.

We hope you enjoy our selection, which you can find in this section.