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Buenos Ayres golden - pack of 24 x 330 ml

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Inspired by the city of Buenos Aires, historically a port city next to the 'rio de la plata'  with a strong and vibrant personality and a doorway into Argentina, a melting pot of nationalities. This relationship with the river is reflected in the city's original name, inspired by The Virgin of Candelaria, patron saint of sailors. It is still today the gateway to Argentina. Buenos Aires, originally named as the city of "Santísima Trinidad y Puerto de Santa María del Buen Ayre."


Our beers are produced under the German purity law “Reinheitsgebot von 1516” and their quality is guaranteed by the highest German quality standards.


Golden in colour, gently sparkling and with lots of character.

A special medium bodied beer brewed with an special yeast that gives it a refreshing fruity aroma and a very smooth mouthfeel.

Best served between 6°C and 8°C.


Style: Kölsch

Colour: Golden / 7 - 8 EBC  

Hops: Magnum and Taurus

Yeast: Special  Kölsch yeast 

Bitterness: 19 - 20 IBU

ABV: 4.8 % alc vol

Drinkability: High

Filtration: Yes

Carbonation: 5.1 gr CO2 per litre