Fernet 1882

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Bitter obtained from special herbs and spices. Fernet is the icon of  Argentine culture. Product of Argentina, it is great for parties, and should be drunk as a long drink mixed with cola. 


    The History

    Bitter and addictive, Fernet is made with 40-50 types of herbs and the taste will shock the virgin tongue. But despite most first-time drinkers saying it reminds them of bitter medicine, the beverage has been the symbol of friendship and social gathering in Argentina since the 1800s. The drink’s original purpose was to cleanse the system after a heavy meal or rid the body of contaminants in the water. During the 19th century Italian immigrants would routinely take a shot of the spirit after dinner, and young Argentine descendants then adopted the drink as a party favorite. Fernet 1882 is made to taste better with coke (the Argentine way), and in blind taste tests, most participants favor Fernet 1882, proving to Branca loyalists that there is another option.