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TOP END MALBECS - Mixed case

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Discover the diversity of this glorious grape variety, also at the TOP END. Argentina is a huge country, with various wine regions who give a unique character to all their wines. Even more so to its' most distinctive and unique grape variety: MALBEC.

We have prepared a mixed case with 6 TOP END wines which come from different producers and regions within Argentina, giving each wine its own personality, within the so acclaimed malbec style. 

From Patagonia, one of the southernmost wine regions in the world:

1- FIN Single Vineyard Malbec 2016 @ £ 22.00 discounted from £ 28.49

This top of the range wine from Fin del Mundo, was made by Michel Roland.  Dark garnet red colour, with violet highlights. Intense aroma, flowery sent of violets, mint, fruity notes, plum, jam, a little spicy, cloves and liquorice. Coconut and tobacco. More tannins and a long finish on the palate.


From Divergent Sub-Regions within Uco Valley in Mendoza:

Sensuality that is reminiscent of the richness of the low registers Born of two creators motivated by interlaced passions:
Marcelo Pelleriti, winemaker and musician
Pedro Aznar, musician and sommelier.

3- Tapiz Black Tears malbec 2017 @ £ 35.00 discounted from £ 41.99 - From San Pablo 1,400 mtrs high - 95 POINTS Tim Atkin 

The top of the range malbec from Tapiz winery has so dark and intense colours that they named it Black tears. This wine has an intense red-violet colour. The nose is delicate, with aromas of violet flowers, menthol, spices and black fruits. In the mouth, ripe and structured tannins, and liquorice notes. Long and persistent finish. Exceptional specimen!  

4- Vicentin blend de malbec 2018 @ £ 20.49 - From Tupungato 1,072 mtrs high

This wine has a touch of Petit Verdot (2%) and Cabernet Franc (2%). Clear and bright in colour, ranging from red to violet. Aromas of lilacs, violets and red berries on the nose. It has a long lasting, elegant finish with mature tannins. 

5- Lupa Malbec 2016 @ £ 30.99 - From paraje Altamira, Argentina

VARIETIES Malbec (100%) 


Mineral and herbaceous aromas on the nose. Red fruits, mint and eucalyptus. A beautiful wine. 

 6- Laborum de Parcela Finca Alto Rio Secco Malbec 2016 @ £ 44.49 - 96 points Tim Atkin

Cafayate, Salta, Argentina, 1750 metres above sea level

Parcela is a name that reflects the fact that these wines are made from a single plot of land within the vineyards. This boutique winery has studied their soils for years and tested the difference in the wines, depending on which typo of soil they come from. Changes can happen within a few metres. These wines are the most terroir specific anyone can get, and the result is in the taste!

Purple red wine with violet hues. Well-defined, elegant and complex fresh
fruity aromas which are reminiscent of plums and blackberries, with rose
floral aftertaste. It is compact in the mouth, with firm tannins, body of
pleasant fluidity and vibrant acidity, whereas it has great texture with a
framework of crunchy fresh fruit and herb-like tones in the palate. Smooth
finish, with ash and thyme aromas.