Once upon a time... Wine Labels

Wine is often seen as a serious matter, there is a methodology in tasting, some vocabulary to know and sometimes it could be difficult to understand. 

One of the way for people to "learn" about wine is to refer to the label. Most of the time, you have indication of origins, grape variety, vintage and depending of the wine the design could be classy or modern. 

Today we would like to introduce to you three wines, which label design is really special. What if wine label could actually tell you stories? 

This is what they do at Terra de Falanis. They asked a famous comic book artist, Pere Joan, to create three labels, Bla Bla Bla, Plic Plic Plic and Muac! Three different wines, three different labels, three different sounds that evoke different situation. For them the important thing was to produce labels that tell you a story, making wine fun and enjoyable! 



And you? What is your favorite one? Leave a comment and tell us what is your favorite label from Terra de Falanis, 

-> https://latinwinesonline.com/search?type=product&q=terra+de+falanis


The LWO Team

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