Wine and music... wine not?

Marcelo Pelleriti wines !

Last week on Latin Wines Online, we featured three wines from Terra de Falanis. Each wine’s label told a story. In each case, the label was designed by a famous comic book artist.

Today, we bring you labels inspired by another noble art: music!

What better way to start the week than enjoying both wine and music, especially at the end of a long working day! So, grab your glass of wine and discover our new wine story with Marcelo Pelleriti Wines!

If you have  the chance, please do check out the wines on our website, where you will be able to see some music-inspired wine labels!



As you will see, each of these labels are inspired by music, either displaying music -related images or by using a musical name!

Why do these wines mention music?  These four wines are produced by Marcelo Pelleriti, a man who loves both wine and music,  is a musician himself and is now also a winemaker. He has teamed up with another musician Pedro Aznar, who also works as a  sommelier.



 “When I connect with my guitar and play a melody, I feel inspired, that all is in order and my world is alive. Then, as I walk through the vineyards, I feel the effort of one year and I am ready to create new blends.  I believe these wines represent the mystery of time. I feel my work in perfect harmony with the magic of nature.”


Señor Pelleriti is the  first Argentinian winemaker to be awarded 100 points from eminent wine critic Robert Parker, for his Château Violette 2010 in Bordeaux.

We invite you to explore Marcelo Pelleriti’s wine -  pour a glass, pop on some music and enjoy!

Why not drop us a  line telling us about your favourite wine and music pairing!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!



The LWO Team


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